Challenging and exciting subsea career with excellent earning potential

Egyptian International Diving School (EIDS) is the right place to start your commercial diver career. By training with us, you have taken the first step into a challenging and exciting subsea career with excellent earning potential.
The commercial diving courses we offer here at the Egyptian International Diving School (EIDS), have been carefully developed to ensure that our graduates are highly skilled commercial divers, competent and qualified to perform all assigned jobs.
Commercial under water work varies greatly and can include various jobs. Therefore; we have a large range of packages and courses designed to prepare you for a successful career (you can choose any of our specialty courses after having your main level chosen).
So; whether you’re completely new to the world of diving or you’re looking to upgrade your skills, we’ve got a course to suit you.

Giving you the right skills for the job

Employers in the subsea industry are looking for people who really know what they’re doing. At the Egyptian International Diving School (EIDS), you gain more than the paper qualifications; you will get the best knowledge of commercial diving operations, procedures and devices, which will be invaluable for your training and future career.
We don’t just train you to pass the exam; we train you to do the job – and to do it the right way.
All of our main courses are certified by internationally recognized organizations, such as (but not limited to):

  • ADAS (Australian Diving Association Scheme)
  • IDSA (International Diving Schools Associations)